Rotator XR 300 LS P AV

Technical data

Part No. 8300010
Type of rotator Harvester head rotator
77 kg
±300 kN1
±90 kN
±70 kN
±17 kNm2
3000 Nm
28 l/min
25 MPa


Load Sense


Upper interface Ø 210 mm
Lower interface Ø 270 mm

1 Max axial load static indicate theoretical max load for hanging applications without accelerations.

2 The torque load may not be combined with axial load.

A rotator with the shortening LS is not equipped with restrictors (unlike our standard rotators). This means that the oil flow from the base machine has to be adapted.

Rotator with a centred hole for e.g. wiring.

Pressure limiting valves fitted in the motor.

We reserve the right to make product changes. For further technical information relating to integration and hydraulic connections, please contact

XR 300 LS P AV
A Ø244,7 mm
B M20
C 33 mm
D Ø160 mm
E Ø210 mm
F Ø300 mm
G 122,3 mm
H Ø17 mm
I Ø270 mm
J 45°
K Ø295 mm
L 206,3 mm
M 30°
N 32°
O Ø16 mm
P 15°
Q M10
R 90°
U 28°
V Ø20 mm
Y Ø16 mm
Z Ø230 mm
Upper R G 1/2

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