Indexator's philosophy

Indexator Rotator Systems has a company philosophy that will help with large and small decisions, as well as a shared view of how our operation should be run, irrespective of where in the organisation, in which country or on which market we are active.

The philosophy places the focus on the employee. We attach great importance to being a workplace that strives to ensure job satisfaction and personal development, and we are proud to have attracted attention for this endeavour on a number of occasions.

We are also proud of having employees who are creative, keep their promises and demonstrate commitment. This has contributed significantly to our world-leading position. We assume shared responsibility and respect our surroundings, as well as considering how our actions affect our work colleagues, business partners, customers and suppliers.

We are convinced that our combined abilities are greater than the input of individuals. Our leadership is based on a positive view of people, where their potential will be taken into consideration. Diversity and equality in the workplace are viewed as a strength that contributes towards efficiency, profitability and enjoyment.

Winner of equality prize

Our basic values have attracted attention in many different contexts. For example, we often take part in seminars where we describe Indexator's philosophy. One visit that we are happy to recall is when former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt visited us and our factory to see a good example within our sector.

Our integrated equality and diversity perspective has attracted attention in several different ways, including through books, newspaper articles and the Industrial Council's equality prize.

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Our philosophy

Indexator Rotator Systems AB's company philosophy is a shared view of how our operation should be run.

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